October 30, 2013


Charlie is a sweet mohair bear stuffed with wood shavings.
17 cm tall, Adopted

Чарли маленький лаконичный медвежонок ростом 17 см, сшит из мохера "щетка" и набит древесными опилками. Нашел домик

October 29, 2013


Suzie is a new born sweet girl, old looking, made of hand-dyed viscose and filled with wood shavings. She wears a nice hand dyed cotton dress.

Новая девушка Сьюзи сшита из вискозы, 29 см, набита опилками.
Нашла домик.

October 23, 2013

My new workshop in Limassol

I am glad to announce that my workshop is open now in a beautiful building on Irinis street 71 in the center of Limassol! There is a community of artists, fashion designers located under one roof. There is a nice bar in the garden and an open air cinema. Come along and witness teddy bear making art! 

October 16, 2013


Victor is really big bear, 46 cm tall, made of vintage black plush, filled with wood shavings, heavy. He wears linen trousers (burgundy is a real colour), a cotton shirt and turquoise cotton bow. All clothes are made by me as well. I think he is one of my best. I hope the future owner will be enjoing him for many years! 

Виктор, основательный медведь, сшит из винтажного плюша, набит опилками, 46 см ростом.
Штанишки (в рельности кирпичного цвета) из льна, рубашка и лента из хлопка.
Нашел домик.

October 4, 2013

Миша и Ирина

Пара "Миша и Ирина" ростом 17 см, сшиты из мохера и вискозы, набиты опилками. Частный заказ.

A couple "Misha and Irina". The bears are made of hand-dyed
viscose and mohair, filled with wood shavings. They are 17 cm tall.