July 23, 2013


Please meet Sam, a funny circus teddy bear. He is 27 cm tall, made of very short pile mohair and stuffed with wood shavings and mineral granules for weight. His harlequin outfit is made of 100% cotton.

Мишка Сэм сшит из мохера и набит опилками. Рост - 27 см. Одежда  - 100% хлопок.

July 18, 2013


Зоя новая мишка, родилась в Петербурге. Сшита из винтажного плюша и набита опилками, 22 см ростом. На Зое розово-голубое платье с вышивкой.
Нашла домик.
Zoya is my new born bear made of vintage plush and filled with wwod shavings. She is 22 cm (6,8") tall. She wears a nice pink and blue dress with handmade embroidery. Adopted.